Chatbots Will Be Your New Best Friend
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Did you know that there are over a billion people who use Facebook? Think about that number for just a second. We’re talking about billion and not million. This amount of people should make you do a double take. How many sales are you missing out on because you don’t have the proper tools to convert this traffic? We live in a truly 24/7 world where people are online virtually all day long. There isn’t a time of day when the internet is void of people. This poses a problem and it’s kind of a big one. You can’t be online day and night. You’ve got to sleep and do normal day to day activities. This poses a problem since there are potential customers who need your assistance when you can’t be there.


Chatbots are the solution to all of your problems


Did you know that Facebook now allows chatbots? You can have a bot talk to potential customers even when you’re away from the computer. The days of missing out on sales due to not being able to answer the questions people have are long gone. You also don’t need to pay foreigners who speak broken English to man your chats. Those people tend to be inaccurate, and most customers don’t like talking to them.


Customer service must be priority number one for any business. Your ability to quickly and efficiently answer questions will increase conversions. There are many instances where the end user doesn’t even know they’re talking to a chatbot. Just think about the implications of that for a split second. You can fulfill the needs of your customers without them ever knowing no one is on the other end. Everything is automated and created with efficiency in mind.


Add a funnel to your chatbot to reel in the conversions


You shouldn’t think that a chatbot will have a negative impact on your funnel. You may be surprised to find out that you can use both hand in hand. The chatbot can actually guide the end user right down your sales funnel. Think of your chatbot as an automated version of your pitch. You have the ability to iron out any wrinkles there might be between the end user and your funnel. The curious chatter will be turned from a lead into a customer by the time the chatbot is done with them. That is the power of being able to converse in real-time while answering any questions your potential customers might have.


Setting up a chatbot is painless


The entire process is far easier than you think. Don’t put yourself in the situation where you’re missing out on potential sales. You can rest assured that your competition is using chatbots. Your potential customers will go to them if you’re not able to answer their questions. They will be the ones who get more subscribers and leads. The choice is clear, and it shouldn’t take you more than a moment to decide.


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