with Aimée Tañón

Friday & Saturday, October 19-20th (2-7pm)
Price: €540 (€450 before October 14th)

Through a quieter inner state, we can work with self-observation, inquiry and contemplation to aid in physical, mental and emotional ease. We will provide practical and useful techniques to build attention and focus in order to create space, choice and self-reflection. For both brand new and more established practitioners of meditation, we will explore breath, as well as tools of self-inquiry and contemplation to help create a beautiful relationship to one’s own mind, personal narrative and choices.  

During this training we will cover:

  • how to sit

  • how to ignite your imagination

  • various meditation techniques

  • the science of transformation through the brainwave states

  • techniques for handling complexity with presence and curiosity

with Aimée Tañón

Friday & Saturday, October 19-20th (2-7pm)
Price: €540 (€450 before November 23rd)

Pranayama is a technique for rising above the physical body and into the esoteric realm. Controlling the breath, channeling it to where we want it to go in and out and around the body allows us to channel consciousness in and out and around our lives. The breath is incredibly aerobic and we can learn to use our imagination to manipulate it as food for our organs, insight for our minds and fuel for our emotional, physical and psychological well being. 

The power of breath work is to open up territory in our bodies for our spirit to move through it. We can make ourselves into a cocoon in order to transform into butterflies; we can unlock blocked energies both emotionally and physically; we can pierce the veil of obstacles real and imagined that prevent our full embodied potential; we can soothe our souls and quiet our hearts. 

We will explore Pranavā Yoga's wraps for rapture using our personal narrative thread to wrap ourselves into a string ball. We will learn techniques such as Ujjayi, Viloma, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Alternate Nostril in order to become adept at using, manipulating, exercising, pumping and stoking our personal fires. We will explore the body as a house, as a vehicle and as our personal fountain of glands.