Women Speak 

One of the secrets to staying young is to always do things you don’t know how to do, to keep learning.
— Ruth Reichl

Women Speak’s mission is to inspire lives, transform organizations and improve the world. Hi! My name is Aimée, and I the founder of the ONLY female owned and operated boutique business speakers bureau – I am passionate about focusing on our clients’ business challenges and matching them with expert keynote speakers such as you, who inspire performance and improve culture. My passion for and commitment to diversity and inclusion align with my core values of Communication, Optimism, Growth, Accountability, and Collaboration.

Located in Amsterdam, I manage a full-service women only speakers bureau, representing the world’s finest motivational keynote speakers, consultants, experts, trainers, vanguard thought-leaders, world-class athletes, best-selling authors, award-winning entertainers and global icons. For keynote speakers to inspire at your next conference, convention, retreat or gala, we invite you to search our “BigList” of Professional Speakers and view speaker videos.

At Women Speak Speakers Bureau, we realize that supporting meeting planners is key to achieving the goals of our clients, and so we also offer our meeting planner tools to guide you in creating, planning, organizing and staging the best event possible.

We use your LinkedIn profile to proactively market you directly to potential clients!

Overview of what you get: 

  • Personall Brand Strategy to market you as a keynote speaker

  • Content Marketing Strategy to market you as a keynote speaker

  • Social Selling Service to market you as a keynote speaker

This can include but not limited to :

  • Develop, manage and fine tune your LinkedIn profile page to focus on your keynote speaking to attract more interest and increase chances of speaking events

  • Increase your personal connections with relevant targeted people with a personalized message that we then turn into potential leads for your keynote speaking

  • Improve your LinkedIn search ranking organically to be found for keynote work

  • B2B content engagement – working with specifically sourced content based on a brief to engage and share relevant news/blog posts

  • B2B content amplification - reposting your existing content on to LinkedIn with hashtags and influencer tagging to amplify it 

  • B2B content creation ­- writing short posts (up to 250 words/1300 characters) and one image

  • Social selling engagement to find you speaking opportunities (paid and not paid for) directly from your account through all engagement points on LinkedIn

  • Weekly updates, monthly reports on your account performance.

  • A member of my exclusive, female own and operated, Keynote Speaker bureau as a represented speaker.

Choose your option:

Pricing & Terms:

Gold Membership 
LinkedIn Marketing + Speaker fee 15 % ( For Keynote Members ONLY)
1000$ Annually (paid in full) or 125$ per month (based on annual contract) 

Silver Membership
Speaker Bureau membership only + Speaker fee 25%
95$ per month (based on annual contract) 

Registration Fees:
$75 Registration fee to join (price for Keynote members only)
$125 Registration fee to join (price for NON Keynote members only)